*The goal of this section is to highlight diverse groups of people who are part of the story of the Moon. Nearly 400,000 people helped put a human being on the Moon as part of the Apollo program and that does not count all those who came before and after them that is part of the Moon’s story. Unfortunately, this list cannot be comprehensive but hopefully over time we can improve it. Individuals are listed alphabetically by last name.

Neil Armstrong.jpg

Neil Armstrong

First person to walk on the Moon

Alan Bean.jpg

Alan Bean

Fourth person to walk on the Moon

Ed Dwight.jpg

Ed Dwight

First African American to be trained as an astronaut

Margaret Hamilton.jpg

Margaret Hamilton

Lead Apollo flight software designer

Katherine Johnson.jpg

Katherine Johnson

Conducted trajectory calculations for Mercury, Apollo & Space Shuttle programs

Frances Poppy Northcutt.jpg

Frances (Poppy) Northcutt

First female engineer at NASA's Mission Control

Dee Ohara.jpg

Dolores (Dee) O'Hara

NASA’s first aerospace nurse

Wernher von Braun.jpg

Wernher von Braun

Chief architect of the Saturn V rocket

Günter Wendt.jpg

Günter Wendt

Pad Leader for Mercury, Gemini, & Apollo