Student Projects

Project 1

Harry Potter and the Moon by Alison Shapiro (Tumblr)

Short story set in the year 2049 by Allyson Bartell (PDF)

The Moon at Night by Andrea Schmidt (Painting)

Lunar Eats! A Moon-inspired food guide by Dannis Cazarez (Canva)

Basic 2D orbit simulation of the Moon by Danny Comer (GitHub)

Philosophy and Economics of NASA and Moon Exploration by Jonathan Machado (PDF)

Apollo 13 (Movie Review) by Joseph Baker (PDF)

Evolution of maps of the Earth and the Moon by Josh Broadfield (Image)

Moonlight Sonata (Bass Cover) by Matt Corbett (SoundCloud)

Baking Mooncake by Serena Tang (Image)

Project 2

Moon Munchies: Can we grow food on the Moon? by Alison Shapiro (Prezi)

The Women on the Moon by Andrea Schmidt (Website)

Minecraft Moon Mod by Danny Comer (GitHub)

We Never Went to the Moon (Book Review) by Jonathan Machado (PDF)

First Man (Movie Review) by Joseph Baker (PDF)

Apollo Program Headline Archive by Josh Broadfield (Flickr)

Calculating the Moon’s Gravity by Mateo Abascal (GitHub)

La Luna Si Veste D'Argento (Cover) by Matt Corbett (SoundCloud)

De la Terre à la Lune (Disneyland Paris) by Olive Santucci Condoleo (PDF)

Apollo Program-Inspired Outfits by Rachel Miller (Image, Descriptions)

Clay Model of the Moon by Serena Tang (Image)

The Moon and Chinese Culture by Steven Xu (PDF)